Norse Mythology

Everyone: LOKI NO
Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.
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When the hero and the villain have to team up to defeat an even bigger, more threatening villain 


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friendly reminder that if harry would have been a girl snape would have treated her like petyr baelish treats sansa stark ✿◕‿◕✿


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100% canon

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lets play “how rude can i be until u realize i dont like u”

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i want:

  • rin coming home late and sosuke trying to wait up for him on rin’s bottom bunk and falling asleep there and rin just sliding in next to him because he doesnt have the heart to wake him
  • sosuke getting needy in the middle of the night and crawling out of his bunk to join rin on the bottom
  • sosuke already up on his bed when rin gets out of the shower and refusing to move because he’s too exhausted and rin muttering about it as he reluctantly climbs up the ladder to sleep up there with him for a change
  • momo bursting into the room one afternoon only to find the two of them entangled on the bottom bunk taking a nap
  • rin trying to study at his desk and sosuke tossing wads of paper down at him from the top bunk and then it turns into an all out war where they’re just throwing shit at each other and making pew pew sound effects w/ their mouths as they do it
  • sosuke hanging his head upside down over the side of his bunk so rin can kiss him goodnight spider-man style
  • sosuke making fun of rin from his top bunk and rin kicking angrily at his mattress from the bottom while sosuke just laughs and laughs
  • sosuke waking up before rin and leaving cutesy-ass post-it note messages next to rin’s pillow saying shit like “you toss so much in your sleep i thought we were having an earthquake last night” or “you look lovely with all that dried drool on your face”


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♥ hey, mackerel!

Hey, fish boy!



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A sickening pain filled Thor’s soul. It wasn’t an ache he was familiar with but it certainly seemed more intense than previous instances. Loki’s harsh reality left Thor standing still, his blue eyes cast down and eyebrows furrowed as if he didn’t comprehend what he was being told, and he didn’t. He didn’t believe Loki. He couldn’t.

He cast his glance up quickly to look directly into the deep green of Loki’s eyes. They felt hostile and cold. He watched them for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts, but all he could think of was how angry and frustrated he was that Loki would not realize that he would always love him, because he was his brother.  His eyebrows furrowed again, but this time due to anger.

"Loki!" The man bellowed in a demanding tone.

In a swift movement, Thor’s large hand darted to the side of his brother’s neck with his thumb just under the angle of the jaw where he held him firmly.

"You call me a fool because I wish to trust my brother??" The rage he felt was obvious by his tone of voice, "I do not understand why your hatred for me runs so deep! I have tried to forgive you time and time again! Does that mean nothing??"

Thor gritted his teeth, however, when he spoke again the volume of his voice had lessened, “You treat me as though I am the fault of all your failures. However, I fail to see how your criminal acts are the fault of mine… I fail to see how Odin’s choice for a successor  was mine.” 

Loki was so close to Thor that he didn’t had time to react when his brother grabbed him by the neck. Due to the impulse and the snow beneath his feet he staggered back, but he quickly regained balance and looked at Thor fiercely. When Thor was angry he reminded Loki of Odin, Thor could be really intimidating when he was enraged, but so could Loki.

"Do you really think Odin had to choose between us!?" Loki shouted back, "There was never a competition, Thor, because I never was a choice to begin with, it was all a lie!" Loki realized he was talking too much, showing too much, but now that he had started he couldn’t stop. "But you were too blind too see it because you were too busy being the favored son, the Mighty Thor." He spit out the last words. "And now you intend me to forgive you, to trust you, when you haven’t even done the slightest effort to understand me!"

Since he had returned to Asgard after the battle of New York, Loki had shown a cool and detached exterior, but now he was letting out everything he had kept inside for the last two years, and he hated it, because it made him look vulnerable, because it showed that he cared and that he was hurt.

With a quick and aggressive movement, he took Thor’s hand off him and took two steps back to increase the distance between them.

"I don’t want your trust nor your mercy, I don’t want anything from you." Loki said that with a serious and heartless tone even though his eyes were glassier than usual. In the silence that followed, Loki realized that what he had just said was a big lie because, deep down, that’s exactly what he wanted. He wanted Thor to believe in him, to listen to him and to accept him, but he was too proud and too hurt to even think about accepting Thor’s peace offer.  

"…It’s imprudent to stay here for a long time, we should move on" Loki said suddenly, looking at the unwelcoming landscape. "Right now we have the same objective, I wouldn’t gain nothing from betraying you." Loki didn’t fully know why he said that. Maybe he wanted to temporally appease Thor’s conscience, or maybe he wanted to fix what he had broken.

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♥ ♥ ♥ !!

I didn’t expect less from my favourite Kōhai


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on an unrelated note, the fishing department has been receiving a multitude of panic calls about the state of mackerel in the ocean and would like to formally ask for this to stop and to state that the mackerel are fine. 

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young rin. young mess.

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